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5470 South Superhighway
Makati City, Philippines

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889-2071; 845-3390
Fax. (632) 843-7242
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Last updated: October 2010

  Prime Group

Prime Group is a network of companies in communications and market systems management. Established in 1982, the mother company is Prime Advertising Systems, Inc., an advertising agency that offers integrated communications expertise: from consumer goods advertising to marketing services. Because of the growing needs of clients and the influx of new media and technology, Prime Ads has ventured into a number of new specialized undertakings.

In response to growing needs, a new division was created two years ago to satisfy technological requirements of clients and the market: PrimeApps. It is focused on the development of software that helps improve companies' systems as well as information flow. In addition, PrimeApps is into web design, new tech audio-video presentations, and game development.

Another recent innovation was the creation of PrimeEvents. The company conceptualizes and handles events management and events marketing.

In the second half of the year 2000, Dama Juana Publishing was born. Its vision is to strengthen values and social issues by publishing and marketing books and periodicals that powerfully espouse both; its long-term mission is to help new, aspiring writers have their works published.


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